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In 1700 German food company Dallmyr, opened the first ever delicatessen.


The first delicatessen to hit New York in the late 1880s, served the German–Jewish population, creating what is known as the kosher deli. At its peak, there were 1500 of these delicatessens, now only 13 exist in the whole of the USA.


With a strong connection to the eastern European deli, Ethos follows a similar formula with its modern take on an old school New York deli, selling some NY deli favourites, as well as eastern European cakes and breads.


Our handmade charcuterie and smoked small goods, play an integral part to the deli. Our nose-to-tail approach, sees us use every morsel of every animal across the deli and dining room. Our packaged small goods all come in compostable material made from rice, potato and corn derivatives.­


We chose to purchase blemished, wonky vegetables that will never make it to the supermarket shelf, because they taste amazing! We pickle and preserve each season, so we always have a larder to work with.


Here in Ethos Deli, we believe in a minimal carbon footprint. Our drinks are all made and bottled inhouse and our bottles all recycled. Our packaging is bio degradable and compostable.


We hope that you can feel the heart behind all our offerings.

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