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Ethos Deli + Dining Room Meets Perth

Saturday 15 August 2020

Ethos Deli + Dining Room opened its doors to family and friends for the very first time! The months leading up to the opening were complex to say the least with COVID-19 restrictions holding back progress.

Ethos Deli + Dining Room is the life work of partners Meliss Palinkas and Susan Whelan. The pair are owners and managers of neighbouring Young George Bar & Kitchen and are well-known in the Perth hospitality community.

Ethos Dining Room is a bespoke dining space on George Street, East Fremantle, showcasing a modern menu from chef meliss Palinkas with Eastern European influence and dishes that pay homage to her Hungarian and German heritage. With a focus on seasonal produce with low food miles Ethos is following the philosophies around zero waste and minimising impact on the planet.

The wine list by co-owner Susan Whelan has been curated from the offerings of the Western Australian wine regions that share the ethos of sustainability. The wines are a mix of minimal intervention, natural, organic and sustainable viticulture practices that travel no further than this beautiful state. They are passionate about showcasing the wonderful wines the WA have on offer. The selection includes some of the earliest pioneers in wine making in the region and some of the best young guns.

Cocktail curator Dean Buchanan has batched some amazing drinks made from kitchen waste such as spent apple peel & core, banana skins and citrus peel. The cocktails are elegant and intricate, bespoke to Ethos, and are all available according to seasonally availability. The house made non-alcoholic beverages are made in a similar fashion using spent stalk and whey from the house made yoghurt and sour cream to kick start the fermentation.

And directly from the Ethos crew:

"Our Ethos is simple. We want to get back to a place where we lived a simpler life than we do today. Preserving, ageing and finding a use for every part of every ingredient is part of it, but also progressive ways of becoming more sustainable, to benefit the planet, in an industry that is known for more wasteful practices."

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